Electromagnetic shockwave

شرکت مایکروتکنولوژی تهران

Electromagnetic shockwave

  • Shock wave radial with electromagnetic system
  • The possibility of connecting to the Internet and remote support
  • The possibility of changing parameters by the operator
  • 24 months warranty and 10 years after sales service
  • with trolley
شاک ویو مگنتیک


Ergonomic and vibration-free design of the handpiece for the convenience of the user to hold and place the handpiece in different directions
Predefined treatment protocol, accurate and effective for a wide range of users based on valid scientific articles
Ability to set treatment parameters and save it
It has a treatment protocol ready for different parts of the body

Magnetic shockwave treatment

The general mechanism of shock generation in magnetic physiotherapy devices is similar to the pneumatic system, with the difference that in the magnetic method, the bullet is accelerated by an alternating magnetic field and hits the therapy head, and there is no need to use an air compressor. .

The softshot technology will provide a pleasant treatment experience for patients, especially in painful areas.

شماتیک دستگاه شاک ویو
روش کار دستگاه شاک ویو پنوماتیک
Therapeutic applications

Features and therapeutic properties

  • High efficiency
  • Fast pain relief
  • non-aggressive
  • No need for anesthesia
  • No risk of infection
  • Safe and risk-free
  • treatment
  • Treatment duration is 20
  • minutes per session
  • Widely used in various soft
  • tissue treatments

Device accessories

Device series


جعبه حمل و نقل دستگاه های فیزیوتراپی

Shipping box

Technical specifications of the shockwave magnetic device

Energy (mJ)200 – 50
Treatment programhas it
Frequencies (Hz)1-16 
Voltage200 – 240 AC
Screen10-inch color and touch
Weight7 (kg)
 Dimensions41*40*25 (l*w*h)