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About us

Microtechnology Medical Engineering Company, designer and manufacturer of physiotherapy equipment.

This company prioritizes the quality of products with the latest technology in the world and designs and produces devices that are up-to-date and have the ability to compete in global markets.


Microtechnology company services

Are you ready to equip your clinic?

Supply of parts

We place orders for our international suppliers to supply the required parts for the devices

Device production

After supplying the parts, the devices are designed by our experts according to the standards of the day

Delivery on time

Timely delivery of products


24 months warranty

Customer service

10 years after-sales service


Training to work with devices

خانه کشتی دستگاه شاک ویو

Wrestling House - Shockwave

دکتر افکاری - دستگاه لیزر پرتوان و تکار

Dr. Afkari - High power laser device and Tacar

خریدار لیزر پرتوان دکتر سهیل ایری

Dr. Soheil Iri - High power laser

خریدار دستگاه تکار تهران

Dr. Kasri Kazemi - Tecar