Shockwave pneumatic SW30

شرکت مایکروتکنولوژی تهران

Shockwave SW30

  • Shockwave with pneumatic system
  • Shockwave generator warranty up to 2 million shocks
  • It has 11 series with different sizes (5 flat, 3 radial, 3 focus)
  • It has ready treatment protocols and the ability to create and save new protocols by the user
  • It has a completely stable output and the ability to adjust the pressure from 0.1 bar to 6 bar continuously at 0.1 bar
  • It is possible to adjust the frequency from 1 to 22 Hz
  • 24 months warranty and 10 years after sales service
  • With a trolley
  • The possibility of connecting to the Internet and remote support
دستگاه شاک ویو sw30


The ergonomic design of the handpiece is such that it prevents the therapist’s hand from tiring and the hand from slipping during the treatment, and will enable long-term use.

The elasticity of the shock transmission series prevents the return vibrations caused by the shocks from being transmitted to the therapist’s hand.

The shock transmission series is available in five sizes: 6, 10, 15, 20, and 25 mm.

Accessories of SW20 pneumatic shockwave device

هندپیس شاک ویو


جعبه حمل دستگاه فیزیوتراپی

Shipping box

Handpiece Tip


سری های فلت شاک ویو



Technical Specifications

Pressure (bar)6
Frequency (Hz)22
Voltage 200-240AC
Screen 10-inch color and touch 
Handpiece Tip11
Dimensions (cm) 45.5*41*29 (l*w*h)