What is a Tecar ?

Tecar device is important and necessary in physiotherapy. Tecar Therapy is a treatment method that treats some complications based on the production of radiofrequency waves. This method is a completely new and advanced method in physiotherapy that has many effects in treatment and beauty. This method is generally used to treat bone and skeletal injuries, joints as well as muscles and soft parts of the body.

The use of the Tacar device in physiotherapy:

Tecar is used in physiotherapy to treat various problems. This includes the following:

Treatment of muscle injuries: Takar is used as an effective method in the treatment of muscle injuries such as spasms, strains and muscle tension.
Improves joints: This technique facilitates the improvement of joint mobility and function, especially in cases such as arthritis and joint inflammation.
Helping to heal wounds: Due to its restorative effects and improving the access of oxygen and nutrients to tissues, Tecar can help in the process of healing wounds and repairing damaged tissues.
Reducing inflammation: This method helps to reduce inflammation and pain by increasing the flow of blood and lymph in the desired area.

Tecar's work method

The Tecar device and Tecar therapy is a non-invasive and effective treatment method that can help improve a wide range of conditions. Tacar therapy device provides non-invasive treatment for patients. This treatment process relies entirely on electromagnetic instructions, not on any other external factors that can affect the treatment. In fact, it helps your body go through the healing process by improving blood circulation and increasing temperature.

This device causes the release of pain hormones in the body, which can bring a lot of relaxation to the patient. In addition to improving your general posture, this device dramatically increases the range of motion of your muscles, allowing you to use them more easily. You won’t feel any pain during your Tecar Therapy treatment, so you can enjoy the full benefits of a pain-free, complication-free treatment.

  • frequency range of 300 kHz to 1.3 MHz
  • Capacitive and resistance applicator
  • Ability to create new protocols by the user
دستگاه تکار
  • frequency range of 300 kHz to 1.3 MHz
  • It has a monopolar capacitive and resistance applicator
  • It has 2 flat and branched bipolar applicators
دستگاه تکار

If you are looking for a safe and effective treatment method to improve pain, inflammation, or muscle and joint injuries, the Tecar device may be a good option for you.
Here are some of the conditions for which the Tecar device is used:

Chronic neck pain
Chronic shoulder pain
Chronic knee pain
Chronic back pain
Sports injuries
Tendon rupture
Myofascial pain syndrome

The Tecar device is a safe and effective treatment method, but may cause mild side effects such as redness, swelling, and a burning sensation in the treatment area. These side effects are usually mild and resolve quickly.