What is an ultrasound device?

Ultrasound device and ultrasound therapy is one of the most common devices and methods used by doctors, which uses high-frequency sound vibrations to produce thermal (increase local blood flow, cell metabolism, expansion of connective tissue and reduce pain) and non-thermal (tissue regeneration and improvement wound – protein and collagen synthesis, change of cell membrane) its effects in body tissues. Targeted sound waves can create deep tissue heat for soft tissue expansion, injury repair, and pain relief.

How the ultrasound device works

The ultrasound machine works by sending an electric current through the crystals in the ultrasound handpiece. The handpiece vibrates, causing the waves to travel through the skin to the body underneath. The waves transmit energy to the tissues to produce the desired effects. Ultrasound can also be focused on tissues deep within your body without affecting other tissues near the surface.


The frequency and intensity of ultrasound, the duration of the operation and the area of its application all determine how to perform ultrasound physiotherapy.

The working method of the ultrasound device in physiotherapy

Ultrasound can be used to treat a wide range of health problems. But, it is mostly used to solve muscle tissue problems. The thermal effect of ultrasound helps to heal muscle pain and reduce chronic inflammation.

The procedure is generally painless and easy to perform. You will be awake throughout the procedure without the need for anesthetics or painkillers.
When properly administered by a therapist, ultrasound therapy has no known harmful effects.
This treatment helps to reduce body pain in the affected areas.
Ultrasound physiotherapy is non-invasive. Hence, it is safer than other methods

Ultrasound device in physiotherapy

Ultrasound is used in physical therapy to treat a wide variety of conditions. 7 uses of ultrasound in physiotherapy are:


  • chronic pain

  • inflammation

  • Sports injuries

  • Arthritis

  • Myofascial pain syndrome

  • wounds
  • Wound healing

Ultrasound side effects

Ultrasound is a safe and effective treatment method that has few side effects. Some of the side effects of ultrasound are:

  • skin redness
  • swelling
  • feeling irritated

These side effects are usually mild and go away after a few minutes or hours.