What is the Shockwave device?

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment method. The shock wave device is able to produce pulses that allow the tissue to penetrate the shock wave with therapeutic properties.
Using the right wave transmitter, the physical therapist can treat trigger points (10mm transmitter), larger joints (15mm transmitter), muscle stimulation (20mm transmitter), or treatments to reduce cellulite. (35 mm transmitter) to do.

The shock wave propagates radially in the tissues and enables the treatment of superficial diseases and pathological processes located in deeper tissues (15 mm titanium transmitter).
During treatment, the device’s gun-shaped applicator delivers an average of 4,000 shocks, depending on the type of injury.

How does the shockwave device work?

It converts pneumatically generated pulsed sound waves into precise ballistic shock waves that are guided through the physical environment and act on local tissues to produce biological effects. It is an energetic pressure wave caused by a sudden release of energy that has the characteristics of instantaneous pressure surge and high speed conduction.

The use of shockwave device

Shockwave therapy provides the possibility of treating chronic pain and discomfort associated with degeneration and inflammation of tendons, muscles, bones, joint capsules and ligaments. Its special properties are used to treat injuries of athletes. The shock wave blocks pain signals by overstimulating nerve endings and cell membranes, which completely eliminates pain.

Advantages of using the Shockwave device:

Here are some of the benefits of using Shock Wave Therapy devices:

Safe and effective
It is not painful
Fast and easy
It has few side effects
It can be used to treat a wide range of conditions
If you are looking for a treatment method for pain, inflammation, or muscle and joint injuries, Shock Wave Therapy devices are a great option. These devices are safe, effective and non-invasive and can help you relieve pain and improve function.

Shockwave Vs Ultrasound

The shock wave machine is similar to the waves of the ultrasound machine. But there is one major difference: shockwaves have a significantly higher pressure amplitude, which means that steep effects (Figure 3) due to non-linearity in the propagation medium (water, human tissue) must be taken into account. Another difference is that most ultrasound waves are periodic oscillations with a narrow bandwidth (Figure 1), while shock waves are characterized by a single, predominantly positive pressure pulse followed by a relatively small stretch wave component (negative pressure pulse). are (Figure 2). A pulse of this type contains frequencies that may range from a few kHz to over 10 MHz.

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