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The shockwave device is one of the physiotherapy equipments that uses the principles of vibrations and pressure waves to treat patients. This device often uses pressure waves with a specific frequency and intensity to vibrate and stimulate muscle and skeletal tissues for therapeutic purposes.

Shockwave is a non-invasive treatment method that stimulates the body’s natural healing process. It can relieve pain and promote healing of damaged tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues. It does this by releasing growth factors into the damaged tissue. Shockwave therapy is sometimes referred to as EPAT, or extracorporeal pulse activation technology.

It is used to treat tendonitis as well as difficult to heal ligament injuries. Some degenerative tendonitis is associated with calcium accumulation in the tendon. Concentrated shock waves can remove these deposits.

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As a patient who intends to use this method or a clinic that intends to purchase this device to include in its physiotherapy services. It is better to know how the Tekkar therapy device works.

Tecar therapy with the Tecar physiotherapy device is a non-invasive treatment method that uses electromagnetic energy to increase the heat of damaged tissues. This method is used to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal problems including muscle injuries, joint problems, wounds and inflammation.

Tecar Therapy accelerates cellular metabolic processes by creating a two-way flow in the electrolytes in the body. This leads to an increase in tissue temperature from the inside and improves blood and lymph flow. Increasing blood and lymph flow helps improve oxygenation and nutrition of damaged tissues and reduces inflammation and pain.

Tecar Therapy is a safe and effective treatment method that can help to heal musculoskeletal problems faster and more easily.

Tecar physiotherapy device is also used in the field of slimming and beauty. In this field, we know the radio frequency device as RF device

Despite its name, the shock wave device does not actually give you an electric shock. Instead, it applies mechanical energy instead of electrical energy. This device is similar to a small electric hammer with very little power. The shock wave device head creates high pressure areas followed by low pressure areas (at a very high speed). This then leads to the dissolution and re-formation of gas bubbles (cavitation) that were already present in the tissue. This intermittent gas bubble formation/reabsorption leads to “micro-massage” of the tissue cell wall.

Also, this device is used in the field of beauty and slimming as the shock wave slimming device.

Ultrasound therapy is a non-invasive treatment method that uses high-frequency sound waves to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal problems. This treatment method helps to improve blood flow, cell metabolism, connective tissue expansion, tissue regeneration and wound healing by creating thermal and kinetic changes in body tissues.

The ultrasound physiotherapy device helps to expand the tissue and reduce pain by producing deep heat in the soft tissues. This treatment method can also help improve blood circulation and oxygen supply to the damaged tissues.

The high-power laser device is a non-invasive and effective treatment method that is used in physiotherapy to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal problems. By sending high-energy light waves to the damaged area, this device reduces inflammation and pain, accelerates the healing of damaged tissues, and improves anti-ultrasonic secretion.

High-power laser is especially effective in the treatment of sports injuries such as muscle strain, joint deviation and back pain caused by disc herniation. It is also used to treat other musculoskeletal problems such as arthritis, myofascial pain syndrome and wounds.

High-power laser is a safe and effective treatment method that can help heal musculoskeletal problems faster and more easily.

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